Trouble with tribbles

trouble with tribbles

Bei dem Versuch, mehrere Ladungen Quintotriticale zum Sherman-Planeten zu eskortieren, wird die USS Enterprise von den Klingonen mit einer neuartigen. Titel der Episode im Original: The Trouble with Tribbles. Erstausstrahlung der Episode in USA, Freitag, Dezember (NBC). Erstausstrahlung der Episode. Als Uhura zum Einkaufen auf die Station kommt, lernt sie den Wanderkaufmann Cyrano Jones kennen, der ihr seinen letzten Fund schenkt - einen Tribble.

Season 2, episode The Enterprise receives a distress call from an outlying space station, Deep Space Station K7, which is nearby the planet, Sherman's Planet, which is a territorial dispute between the Klingon Empire and the Federation.

Kirk beams down with an away crew only to find that it's was just a trick to get them there to help watch a vital grain shipment The Klingons arrive to request a shore leave to K7, Kirk agrees but limits the number of Klingons that can be there at one time.

In a cafe bar where the peddler Cyrano Jones is trying to sell his tribbles. Tribbles are a furry, purring creature that are cute balls of fur.

Uhura is there and falls for the little cute creature and obtains one for a pet and brings it on the Enterprise. From there, the tribbles start multiplying like crazy on the ship.

On K7, the territorial dispute continues, fist fighting occurs between Klingons and some of Kirk's crew members, tribbles are multiplying and the grain has been poisoned killing quite a number of tribbles.

Who poisoned the grain and what does that have to do with the tribbles? Sometimes a an episode like this is needed to keep the fun flowing even though it's a bit silly - a refreshing change from the drama that is prevalent throughout the series.

Seems all Star Trek fans want a tribble of their own. I also love the fighting between Kirk's crew and the Klingons - that is a barrel of laughs.

In fact, there is humor all though this episode - that is the appeal of it. Explore popular and recently added TV series available to stream now with Prime Video.

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Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Full Cast and Crew. Season 2 Episode To protect a space station with a vital grain shipment, Kirk must deal with Federation bureaucrats, a Klingon battle cruiser and a peddler who sells furry, purring, hungry little creatures as pets.

Gene Roddenberry created by , David Gerrold. Best Spaceship Crew Team Chemistry. The best of all Star Trek.

Top 25 Star Trek Episodes. Share this Rating Title: The Trouble with Tribbles 29 Dec 8. Use the HTML below. The security measures that Baris insists upon are completely ineffective.

The extra security guards manage to neither keep the grain safe from poison or the tribbles out of the cargo bays. On top of that, Baris just spends most the show as an obnoxious jerk.

Naturally, Spock does know about such things. It was only later revisions to the plot that made him an obstructive bureaucrat of the kind viewers have come to expect on Star Trek.

The Cold War subtext and the Klingons were also an addition to later drafts of the plot. Gerrold had originally conceived The Trouble With Tribbles as a story about corporate corruption.

At the same time, it is very hard not to feel a pang of sympathy for Lurry, the station administrator caught in the middle of all this.

Lurry never really exercises any real power. Lurry is just caught between these vying interests. While is office is the hub of decision-making on the station, it seems like everybody else just talks over or around him.

Despite this, Lurry seems to be the most level-headed character on the show. He seems almost apologetic when Baris summons Kirk and the Enterprise to the station.

Most obviously, the three stories do have memorable and distinctive guest characters. Kor, Koloth and Kang are certainly more memorable than Kras or Krell.

The use of the three characters in Blood Oath , a second season episode of Deep Space Nine , probably helped.

The scripts to these three episodes are also noticeably stronger. Although A Private Little War is remembered, it is seldom for the quality of the script.

These are episodes about the Cold War and its many facets, but they approach the issue in a remarkably consistent way.

The threat of warfare still looms, of course: However, that plan fails and the fist fight is played as a comedy set piece.

Instead, The Trouble With Tribbles is about the jockeying of the Federation and Klingon outside of proxy wars and military aggression. There is no sense that the Federation and Klingons are supplying arms to a minor power as part of their ideological conflict.

Instead, they are competing for political power through other means. These attempts to exert economic control over the planet recall criticisms of the Marshall Plan that provided American aid to Western Europe and the Soviet development of the Comecon or the Warsaw Pact in Eastern Europe.

These were methods of expanding a sphere of influence without resorting to direct threats of violence and brutality. It is interesting to note that grain itself became an important tool in helping to thaw out the Cold War.

Soviet Premiere Nikita Khrushchev famously made a trip to the Iowa corn fields in , an event that is celebrated and commemorated.

In , a few years after the airing of The Trouble With Tribbles , the United States exported more grain to Russia than they had exported in total the year before.

Food, like the atom bomb, was an important weapon throughout the Cold War. The food weapon is a perfect lens through which the tenor and attitudes of the Cold War can be better viewed.

The Cold War was, ultimately, one of conflicting ideologies and competing nations, who, after the devastation of World War II were more comfortable competing economically than militarily.

That said, it has been argued that the importance of food and agriculture on the early Cold War has been glossed over by academic scholarship and historical investigations:.

Surprisingly, the role of agricultural commodity flows in the early economic history of the Cold Wars still remains largely unexplored.

In investigating economic competition between the two blocs, Cold War historians have focused overwhelmingly on high-tech issues and on strategic commodities and have generally overlooked the important role of basic foodstuffs.

Although the notion that Western Europe needed basic agricultural supplies from the east is generally acknowledged, little work has been done in examining the specific economic and financial decisions and actions that followed from these circumstances.

On the other hand, agricultural historians have generally not explored questions surrounding the political competition of the Cold War and its varied implications for agricultural practices.

It demonstrates a side to the Federation and Klingon conflict that we seldom see. The Trouble With Tribbles forms an interesting companion piece to Errand of Mercy , with the best laid plans of the Federation and the Klingon Empire thrown into chaos by forces outside their control.

In Errand of Mercy , the god-like Organians prevent the Federation and Klingons from escalating their conflict. As well as serving as a way to de-rail and undermine the conflict between the Federation and the Klingon Empire, the tribbles also serve as a wonderful metaphor for the way that small and seemingly insignificant problems seem to mount up and reach critical mass.

One of the more endearing stories around the production of The Trouble With Tribbles is that the tribble props became almost as invasive as the tribbles themselves.

They had them in the prop room and they kept showing up here and there for weeks after we filmed the episode. A tribble might show up as an extra breast on Nichelle or something like that.

I guess everybody was still kind of tribble happy and every time we got to work a tribble in somewhere, we were working them in. Instead of pulling out a communicator, somebody would pull out a tribble.

So I delivered one. I remember doing it and having the whole crew crack up completely. It took weeks to get all the tribbles off the set.

It is an endearing case of life imitating art. The tribbles are a wonderfully flexible metaphor. On top of all this, they are also an effective warning against imperialism and colonialism.

Taken out of their natural environment to serve as an endearing novelty, they quickly become an ecological hazard. Taking the tribble from that environment upsets the equilibrium.

David Gerrold has confessed that the tribbles were directly inspired by real-world environmental cautionary tales:. I had always been fascinated by the whole idea that Australia was this different ecology and that when rabbits and prickly pears and other things from Europe were introduced into Australia they ran amok.

Although successfully combated through the introduction of the Cactoblastis moth in s , the prickly pear managed to infest over ten million acres of New South Wales and Queensland by the early years of the twentieth century.

As such, the tribbles seem to stand in for the unintended side-effects of colonialism. There is an incredible arrogance of taking objects out of their original environment for the purpose of exploiting them, with little appreciation for what will happen when they are introduced into a new context.

As such, they play quite well into the Cold War subtext of The Trouble With Tribbles , a story about two larger powers vying for control over a small political entity.

When the three Klingons from the classic Star Trek returned for Blood Oath , it was Koloth who was most heavily re-worked as a character. To be fair, this makes a great deal of sense.

The Trouble With Tribbles is, after all, an episode that leads us to believe that Klingons and Starfleet officers could be expected to enjoy shore leave in the same location without too much trouble.

He must accept twelve Klingons on a station at the same time as his crew, and in the presence of vital Federation grain.

It is very hard to imagine the Kirk allowing somebody like Kor or Kang to claim shore leave on the station.

Korax is really a mid-level Klingon accountant looking to let off some steam. So, by the nature of the story, you have to kind of make them a little more refined.

The Klingons featured in The Trouble With Tribbles feel much more like real people than archetypes and cyphers.

Although John Colicos and Michael Ansara imbued Kor and Kang with gravitas and personality, the Klingons of classic Star Trek tended to feel more like generic bad guys than fully-formed characters.

The make-up decisions in the second season helped. Although the featured Klingons — Koloth and Korax — still have the distinctive Klingon goatee, they feel a lot less like the borderline racist caricatures of Errand of Mercy.

While there are still traces of that uncomfortable subtext, it is a lot harder to believe that Koloth and Korax fit Gene L.

It is a portrayal which makes the Klingons less like two-dimensional yellow peril Cold War stand-ins. Sadly, this shift in portrayal was too good to last.

Producer Robert Justman was less than thrilled with the appearance of the Klingons here. In an interview with The Star Trek Communicator , he suggested this change was a production mistake:.

The first time I saw the Klingons revisited, I was horrified. The third outing, we went back to them being darker.

Koloth is himself an interesting character. However, it has been suggested that the production team were looking for a recurring antagonist.

In an interview with Starlog , Campbell explained:. This would have been a nice development — giving Kirk a foil on the other side of the Klingon Neutral Zone.

Campbell and Shatner played well off one another, as demonstrated in The Squire of Gothos and evident in their few shared scenes here.

Indeed, the episode even hints that the two are well aware of one another. Sadly, this was not to be. Campbell went into a bit more detail in another interview with Starlog:.

Serving as producer, Gene L. Coon had revolutionised the show. Star Trek had been a very different show before he took over, and it would become a very different show after he left.

It is difficult to imagine the show maintaining even the illusion of amicability between Kirk and Koloth in the wake of the events in A Private Little War , and The Day of the Dove would have to be radically re-worked to include the character.

According to his account of the production of The Troubles With Tribbles , the reason was a lot more mundane:. Unfortunately, Campbell was not available the next time a Klingon episode was to be filmed, so another actor was hired.

Later on, the idea of a continuing set of nasties was dropped or forgotten. Whatever the reason, the end result is disappointing. Although Koloth makes quite an impression here, William Campbell feels under-utilised.

Koloth is such a secondary a character that Trials and Tribble-ations is unable to work him into the episode, despite featuring Koloth in Blood Oath and having a long-standing relationship between Koloth and one of the cast members.

It is worth pausing to note that The Trouble With Tribbles works beautifully as a comedy. The episode is deftly constructed and well put-together, its whimsy concealing a remarkably efficient script.

The cast do a great job with the material, enjoying the opportunity to play it a bit looser. Despite his aforementioned misgivings, even Leonard Nimoy gets into the spirit of proceedings.

His attempts to resist the tribbles duringt he second half of the episode are played wonderfully, from the point where he stops himself stroking one to the fact he carries one around as an accessory.

The Trouble With Tribbles is easily one of the highlights of the original Star Trek run, and one of the most enduring episodes that the franchise ever produced.

An example of just how flexible Star Trek could be, while remaining interesting and compelling, The Trouble With Tribbles is a triumph.

I believe that more than the word of an aggrieved Klingon commander would be necessary for that, Mister Baris. The shipment of it must be protected. We do not equip our ships with, how shall I say it, non-essentials. Coon's participation in terms of Play Irish Luck Online | Grosvenor Casinos and edits was such that Gerrold thought he should have been given a co-writing credit. Mister Lurry is in charge of those matters. He promised to make a new model of the Enterprise too, but warned that he didn't know when he would have time to do it. All right, you robber, six credits. So The Trouble Casino poker online game Tribbles comes towards then end of a particular era of the show. Let me assure you that trouble with tribbles intentions are peaceful. He simply could not believe his ears. Going to sickbay for treatment, Kirk sees that McCoy's tribble has also produced a litter. McCoy hat inzwischen herausgefunden, dass die Tribbles sich nur dann nicht mehr vermehren, wenn sie nichts zu essen bekommen. Hierzu unten einige Beispiele. Die Trill nimmt Casumon suosikit Tricorder und erklärt, dass sie früher auch so einen hatte. Deep Space Nine Companion. Alle Darsteller bieten ihr bestes und dürfen hier einmal ihr komödiantisches Callum hunt voll ausleben. Mit ihm free slots games apex sind auch einige Dutzend seiner Tribbles. Während die Enterprise-Crew und einige Klingonen auf der Station sind, Jones dort bayern bayer leverkusen Tribbles zu verkaufen. Allerdings erinnert er Dax daran, dass sie nicht deshalb hier sind. Plötzlich öffnet sich die Tür online casino elv lastschrift Bar und einige Sicherheitsoffiziere kommen herein. Ist allerdings Grauzone… auch mal auch einmal. Offenbar gibt es gar keinen Notfall auf der Station und Kirk wird Beste Spielothek in Peugen finden auf Barris, der den Notruf veranlasst hat. Jones habe ihnen den Glommer gestohlen.

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Klingon insults Enterprise in front of Scotty Episode aus Star Trek: Ein recht baldiges Wiedersehen mit ihnen gibt es in der Folge " Der erste Krieg ". Der dressierte Herrscher zu keiner Zeit Langeweile aufkommt. Das verneint dieser, yobetit die beiden casino liberec zufriedenstellt, da sie so etwas nämlich auch hassen. Unter anderem hatte das Modell sogar einige Raumschiffe im Shuttlehangar stehen.

with tribbles trouble -

Als Kirk dies ablehnt, da es sich bei dem Schiff um einen Föderationsaufklärer handelt, droht Koloth, sich den Piloten notfalls mit Gewalt zu holen. Ich überlege gerade, in Webpelz zu investieren und mir zum Winter einen Tribble-Muff zu basteln. Man ist sich darüber einig, dass Tribbles jedoch eine wirkungsvollere und günstigere Waffe darstellen würden. Jones behauptet daraufhin, er habe ihnen lediglich ein paar Tribbles verkauft. Kirk, Spock und Leonard McCoy eilen in den Transporterraum, um dort angekommen festzustellen, dass es sich bei dem Mann um einen alten Bekannten handelt: Die deutsche Version wurde vom ZDF hergestellt. Tödliche Spiele auf Gothos Trelane dar. Über Scotty erfährt man hier auch wieder ein paar Dinge. Scott Nur ungern nimmt der Klingonenmann statt barer Münze Tribbles an.

Trouble with tribbles -

Spock hält jedoch die Besitzansprüche der Föderation für weitaus gerechtfertigter, was Chekov damit unterstreichen will, dass der Planet vor Jahren zum ersten Mal kartographisch erfasst wurde, und zwar angeblich durch einen russischen Marxisten , doch Kirk und Spock erklären ihm, dass es in Wirklichkeit, auch wenn Chekov anderes in der Schule gelernt hat, John Burke , Astronom ihrer Majestät der Königin von England war, der den Planeten zuerst kartographierte. McCoy hat inzwischen herausgefunden, dass die Tribbles sich nur dann nicht mehr vermehren, wenn sie nichts zu essen bekommen. Wie die Ausschnitte letztendlich zusammengeführt wurden, zeigt J. Da die Station sich in der Nähe des klingonischen Raums befindet, fliegt Kirk sofort mit Höchstgeschwindigkeit dorthin. Als er sich in der Pizzeria umsah, entdeckte er plötzlich tatsächlich Charlie Brill und sprach ihn sofort an. Wie vermutet wimmelt es auch dort von Tribbles. Ich hatte ihn in einem der Crewquartiere gesichert, um ihn zur Echtheitsüberprüfung nach Bajor zu bringen. Kirk Ich würde gerne wissen, was diese Tribble getötet hat. Als das Tier Worf bemerkt, beginnt es wild zu schreien. Der Chief schaut ihn nur ungläubig an, woraufhin Bashir ihn fragt, ob er auf der Akademie keine elementare Temporallehre hatte. Sie wollen sich etwas entspannen. Essen die Tribbles, dann vermehren sie sich. Mich hat das nochmalige anschauen der Folge letzte Woche auch recht inspiriert und dieser Artikel war jetzt das i-Tüpfelchen. Jahrhundert, Teil I Season 6 6. Gleichzeitig neigen sie zu ungehemmter Nahrungsaufnahme und Vermehrung und haben eine erhebliche Abneigung gegen Klingonen. Chekov will sich auf den Klingonen stürzen, aber Scott beruhigt ihn und hält Pavel zurück, er will keinen Streit, doch Korax lässt nicht nach. Nun vermuten Baris und Darvin, Jones sei ein Agent. Sofort beginnen die Anzeigen des Schiffes zu flackern und plötzlich wird das Schiff in einen hellen, gelblichen Schein getaucht. Dies ergibt genau zwei Möglichkeiten:


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